Internet Basics

internet basics

This is geared towards the person who identifies themselves as “computer illiterate”. All you need to do is learn a few basics to get going.

I’m happy that you’re here. Please connect with me via the contact form or email if anything needs clarification or if you have other questions. Enjoy…

  1. Desktop
    • This is the home screen of your computer.
  2. Browser Icons
    • Each icon is a clickable symbol and represents a program/function that is available on your computer.
  3. Browser (More about Browsers)
    • The browser is the program you use to view the internet.
  4. Browser Address Bar
    • The address bar is where you enter a website’s address. For example, to reach Google, you would insert:
  5. Browser Tab
    • The tab displays the website name. Sometimes, you may have multiple tabs open in order to visit different websites at one time. All you have to do is click the desired tab to view it.
  6. Google Search Bar (More about Search Engines)
    • When using, there will be a search bar and this is where you enter your question or the topic that you’re interested in learning more about.
  7. Refresh Icon
    • When you click this icon, it will reload the page.

More Things to Know

Search Engine Results Page (More about Search Engines)


Popular Browser Icons:

 If you see this on your desktop or cellphone screen, then it’s the icon that you need to click to reach the internet.